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What Is Included in a Final Plumbing Inspection?

Posted - 10/21/2011

Many building owners that are in need of final plumbing inspections can find themselves experiencing high levels of stress and frustration. A great deal of nervousness that is encountered is because these property owners are unsure of what to expect during this process. Here is a list that will explain the various factors that a plumbing inspector will look at during the final plumbing inspection. Knowing what these inspectors are looking for will help you to ensure that these features are operating properly prior to the actual inspection.

* Plumbing fixtures such as bathtubs, showers, toilets, sinks and faucets are visually inspected for proper installation.
* Hot and cold water hook-ups to the plumbing fixtures are inspected to ensure that they operate in a manner that is desired.
* Plumbing supply and drainage lines and pipes are tested for leaks that can occur. This includes the lines located behind walls and under floors using diagnostic pressure testing equipment.
* Water heaters and water heating systems are visually inspected to ensure that they are installed according to codes and regulations. They are also tested to ensure that they operate in a healthy and proper manner.
* If septic systems are necessary, components within the home such as sump pumps and collection wells are inspected. Outside connections that lead to the septic tank and drainage fields are also inspected to ensure proper regulations are followed.

Once all areas within the plumbing system are inspected and cleared, the plumbing inspector will provide you with a certificate that is typically placed on or around the hot water heating system and septic system to show that they have passed the inspection process. If problems are noticed, they must first be corrected and then another inspection on these features is conducted until they pass the inspection process.
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