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How to Negotiate With a Seller After an Inspection

Posted - 02/24/2012

Buying a home can be a complicated process. Since homes are such a large investment, it is imperative that no one buy a home without first having it properly inspected and understanding the results. A professional inspector will go through the home inch by inch and determine if the house is safe, what repairs are necessary and what issues the new owners may be facing.

Once they have delivered their results, the buyers can negotiate the price of the home down based on what expenses they will face once the home has been purchased. They may be able to save several thousand dollars off the asking price due to having to fix faulty electrical or plumbing work, or having to do structural repairs. At the very least, the buyers should try to deduct the cost of the repairs from the total cost of the home when negotiating.

People that are interested in buying a home should contact a professional real estate company for help. These agents can arrange for the home inspections and help the prospective buyers negotiate with the owners based on the inspection results. They also often know a number of resources that can help with any needed repairs or upgrades.
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